Gift Catalog

An annual wish list for our schools: “from the mundane to the extraordinary”


The Mary Lyon Foundation’s annual gift catalog was published again this past summer as a wish list of items that are requested by staff in our local schools. The items requested reflect the various needs of classrooms and programs that are outside of the regular budget. The requests range from the mundane to the extraordinary and include supplies, equipment and intangible benefits such as a volunteer to assist in a classroom or help chaperone a field trip.

The Gift Catalog was established in 1991 to provide an avenue for individuals and businesses to donate to local education. One of the most beloved donations of all time was a used van that could transport students on field trips and especially for the popular UNYTE program (Understanding Nature and Yourself Through Ecology) led by Will Kiendzior, Colin Garland and Phil Lussier. The van was donated by Deerfield Academy through a car dealership in Greenfield which requested a $500 donation to stabilize the van and make it road worthy for years to come. The $500 donation was garnered through local business donations and the van arrived at Mohawk ready to roll. Students and teachers welcomed it with open arms and it provided safe, reliable transportation for hundreds of students over the course of the ensuing decade.

Today’s Gift Catalog is distributed to individuals and businesses in hopes that their surplus, unwanted items can find a good home in a classroom in one of our schools.

The Gift Catalog is just one of the many ways the Mary Lyon Foundation supports children and schools in the Mohawk district. To continue our work, we need your support on Valley Gives Day — Wednesday, December 10, 2014.  To learn more about Valley Gives and how to make your online gift that day, please see click here.

Thank you in advance!

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