Prize after prize after prize…You won’t believe your eyes!

Just a preview of the fabulous collection of gifts to be raffled or auctioned off at the Community Spelling Bee Novemeber, 13th.  

Come…”sit-for-a-spell”….take a few chances on these great gifts.

Great adventures on the water,  in the snow, at the Christmas Tree Farm.  Fun bowling, going to the movies, skating at Interskate 91. Win a bus trip and hotel to Foxwoods, or B+B get-a way, YMCA membership, AAA automobile membership bundled with driving school credit, and gas card. Win local goods, like coffee, honey, jams and candies. Hand crafted jewelry.  Many local business and restaurant gift certificates. Toy and teacher theme gifts. These are just a few of the many very special items you have a chance to win.

 Mary Lyon Foundation Community Spelling Bee

November 13th, starts at 6:30 P.M.

Mohawk Trail Regional High School

fun and free!

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shhhh….here comes the teacher!


The Mary Lyon Foundation wants to say thank-you to these great readers for sharing their Fort Friday adventure with us.  We heard from your teacher Ms. Gajda that you are the best readers, and pretty talented fort builders too.   Reading with flashlights is just the “brightest”  idea!   We hope you continue on with great reading adventures.  Books are fun! 







In the News

Building a classroom library brings hours of reading fun to students at Hawlemont School.

We read the book called “Ready Freddy and the Reading Contest”. In the story, the main character was trying to win a reading contest at his school and he discovered that if he made himself a fort, he could hide away and read for hours and it would only seem like he had been reading for a few minutes. My students loved this story and were very happy that Freddy and his classmates won the contest.
On Friday afternoon ( a few days after finishing the book), we had a “surprise” delivery of a very large box to our classroom. The box was addressed to Mrs. Gajda’s 2nd Grade classroom. We quickly gathered in our meeting area and the children tore open the box. Imagine their surprise, when inside they discovered a box full of books and sheets and blankets. Also inside was a letter from Freddy, explaining that Friday was “Fort Day” and that the children were going to spend the afternoon creating forts with a buddy in the classroom and then spend the rest of the afternoon in their forts with all of our new books to read to and with each other. Freddy hoped that the children found reading in a fort as wonderful as he had!
After all of the forts were built (future engineers and architects!), all of the lights in the classroom were turned off and everyone got a flashlight to read with in their forts!  Lots of reading, lots of fun……never underestimate the influence a good book can have on us all!
This activity rivaled having “hot buttered toast with a great deal of butter” for a snack after reading “Mercy Watson Saves the Day.”
Thanks again to the Mary Lyon Foundation for help in finding and funding all of the new books for my classroom. You will also be happy to know that many of the big books that were part of the “package” that was purchased have been read to the students in the k-2 lunch cafeteria during the last 5 minutes of lunch and they love them!


and the winner is………..

imageCongratulations to the Colrain Central School Community Spelling Bee members, Kim Richter, Jessica Harwood, and Vicki Rockstroh.  They were the first team to register for the spelling bee, and met our prize challenge date of October 15th.  Their prizes will be buzzed on over to Colrain Central School as soon as they call us with their team name.

Start Practicing!


Little lions with “BIG ROARS”


The little red wagon  may have been last in line at the Booster Day parade, but the little lions sure let the spectators know they weren’t going to be unnoticed.  The children did a fabulous job representing the Mary Lyon Foundation.  Thank you to all the wonderful children and helpful parents!

Such a happy ending for the “little red wagon” and for all who worked so hard to creat a float

in just 4 days!


Wanted: Two little lions to roar down Bridge Street riding in “The Little Red Wagon”

We are hopeful that we can recruit two pre-school aged children to ride in our “Little Red Wagon”  during the parade tomorrow at 5:00 P.M.  They will be accompanied by Buckland-Shelburne adults and students coming together to support the Mohawk Booster Day Parade.  We promise to make it a fun time for them.  All we ask is that they are ready to “ROAR”!

Please call the Mary Lyon Office if you have a match for our needs.

The “Merry Lion” Staff