Remember us on December 10th

We are once again participating in Valley Gives on December 10th, 2014.  
Please stop in at the Greenfield Savings Bank, downtown Shelburne Falls to make your tax deductable donation to the Mary Lyon Foundation. We will have volunteers and members of the Mary Lyon Foundation set-up and ready to make your donation process easy. Plus we will have free refreshments and music to entertain.



and the winner is………..

imageCongratulations to the Colrain Central School Community Spelling Bee members, Kim Richter, Jessica Harwood, and Vicki Rockstroh.  They were the first team to register for the spelling bee, and met our prize challenge date of October 15th.  Their prizes will be buzzed on over to Colrain Central School as soon as they call us with their team name.

Start Practicing!


Little lions with “BIG ROARS”


The little red wagon  may have been last in line at the Booster Day parade, but the little lions sure let the spectators know they weren’t going to be unnoticed.  The children did a fabulous job representing the Mary Lyon Foundation.  Thank you to all the wonderful children and helpful parents!

Such a happy ending for the “little red wagon” and for all who worked so hard to creat a float

in just 4 days!


Wanted: Two little lions to roar down Bridge Street riding in “The Little Red Wagon”

We are hopeful that we can recruit two pre-school aged children to ride in our “Little Red Wagon”  during the parade tomorrow at 5:00 P.M.  They will be accompanied by Buckland-Shelburne adults and students coming together to support the Mohawk Booster Day Parade.  We promise to make it a fun time for them.  All we ask is that they are ready to “ROAR”!

Please call the Mary Lyon Office if you have a match for our needs.

The “Merry Lion” Staff



Register your team by October 15th, and win a chance for a team prize!

The 9th Annual Mary Lyon Foundation Community Spelling Bee needs team members. 

Call friends, family, co-workers. 

Form your team of three.

Create your spelling bee unique name.

Call our office to register by October 15th, and qualify to win a team prize.


The 9th Annual Mary Lyon Foundation Community Spelling Bee

November 13th , starting @ 6:30 P.M.

Mohawk Trail Regional High School

Come sit-for-a-spell, and “cast-your-spell”


BEEnevolent, and start forming your team today!



What’s all the buzz?


It’s the 9th Annual Mary Lyon Foundation Community Spelling Bee

November 13th at 6:30 P.M.
-MTRS Auditorium-

Proceeds to Benefit

Mini-Grants & Student Assistance Fund

Queen Bee Sponsor

Greenfield Savings Bank

Free Admission* Free Refreshments* Raffles

free door prize registration

Raffle Sponsor- Ideal Health Center

Organize a team of 3 people to compete in friendly, fun-filled competition. Sponsor a team for $200.00, or donate a raffle item.

Come and “sit for a spell” and attend this hilariously unique, highly educational & entertaining event!

For More information contact:

Sue Samoriski, Mary Lyon Foundation

Tel: 413-625-2555 or email