Putnam Hill Legacy Society

The Mary Lyon Foundation’s Putnam Hill Legacy Society honors those who have included the Mary Lyon Foundation in their estate plans. Named for the hill in Buckland where Mary Lyon was born in 1797, the society includes donors, past and present, who have made or are planning to make a gift to the foundation through their estate plans. Gifts can include stocks, insurance, real estate, cash or personal property and may be earmarked for a particular program, scholarship, endowment, or to be used at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. No gift is too small.

A smiling man and woman couple stand close together with heads touching in front of a home in summer. They are wearing name tags with Putnam Hill Society tags.

For information on how you can join the society’s 18 founding members with an estate gift, please contact Putnam Hill Legacy Society Chair, Katherine McKay: kmckay@marylyonfoundation.org

Mary Lyon Foundation’s Bequest Intention form

Banner image: Mary Lyon’s Hill (also known as Putnam Hill) detail, by Robert Strong Woodward, 1935.