Hilltown Churches Food Pantry Assistance

The goal of the food assistance program is to provide groceries to families in need in West County. This program is free to our families who feel they have a need and who can show proof of residency through a utility bill.  The food pantry program will begin on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, and continue throughout the rest of the year.  

What recipients can expect:

  • Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meats, bread, milk vouchers, yogurt, eggs, and canned goods

    The Ashfield Food Pantry receives fresh, local produce from the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Marty’s Local in South Deerfield and families in the community who donate their extra produce or plant an extra row in their garden to support the pantry
  • Coordination of grocery delivery through drop off at the school building, transportation on the school bus or pick up in a convenient location

If you are a family in our district with a need for food for your family, please reach out to us.

Please complete this form to get started.

You must provide proof of residency for the groceries.

Questions? For more information, call the office at 413-625-2555, email us at office@marylyonfoundation.org

Banner image description: Plants all Year Long Project, led by Melissa Koncz, Colrain Central School, funded by a Mary Lyon Foundation Mini-Grant.