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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

The Power of A Helping Hand

Elijah and Rachel Smith are the parents of seven children. With seven mouths to feed, seven closets to fill, and a challenging number of bills to pay, The Mary Lyon Foundation has been an impactful and vital resource to their family.

The Smiths initially reached out to the Mary Lyon Foundation for their support over three years ago. Since then, the Foundation has provided help by offering educational resources, purchasing warm clothing, donating Christmas gifts, and assisting with utility bills. While the Mary Lyon Foundation offers them essential resources, Rachel says they also provide compassion, kindness, and warmth. To her, this makes all the difference.

Going Above and Beyond

Rachel expressed her immense gratitude to the Mary Lyon Foundation and its executive director, Kristen Tillona-Baker, saying, “They offer more than just educational support by helping families with the essentials. By providing warm clothing, heat, and food, parents can begin to focus on getting their children to school to receive the best education possible.”

She said Kristen works tirelessly to meet the needs of families and helps keep them on their feet during unstable times. Having a resource that cares for families wholly and completely has provided Rachel and her family with safety and stability.

Putting Shame Aside

Rachel is a strong advocate for acceptance and encourages those in need to avoid feeling shame when asking for support. “The Mary Lyon Foundation is a resource that’s not judgmental because they truly understand people’s dire circumstances. There is so much need in our community – it’s imperative to reach out for help,” she said.

The Mary Lyon Foundation is dedicated to providing tools for families like the Smiths, all with the kind assurance of a smile and zero judgment. “Everybody needs help sometimes, and places like the Mary Lyon Foundation are here to provide support. Don’t be afraid to ask,” Rachel said.