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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Volunteer Month

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers! In honor of National Volunteer Month, we celebrate their commitment to our communities. Shown below are our Hilltown Church Food Pantry Volunteers, who helped move 4,000 pounds of food in March, feeding hundreds of people with the assistance and support of 11 drivers. We appreciate our volunteers today and every day!

“Being part of an organization that provides food to children and families makes me feel happy that I can help.”  – Karen Fairbrother, Mary Lyon Foundation Volunteer

“As for why I like to volunteer, it’s one of the ways I can contribute to those who are less fortunate and are struggling to make ends meet. I consider it a blessing and a necessity in my life. We all give in ways we are able to, and this is one way I can.” – Cass Narwrocki, Mary Lyon Foundation Volunteer

“I volunteer because I owe a great debt to that karmic bank in the sky” – Dan Alden, Mary Lyon Foundation Volunteer