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We promote student success by mobilizing community investment in services and programs that create positive educational outcomes in rural communities.


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We prepare students to be ready to learn; to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally; and to thrive in the wider world.

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Alyssa Collins is Supporting Student Success

Alyssa Collins works hard to give her students the tools and opportunities to thrive. As an MTRS-supported classroom teacher, Alyssa received the Mary Lyon Foundation’s educator assistance grant in October. Now, she can offer more social-emotional support programs and self-regulation tools to help students manage difficult emotions.  Going Above and Beyond  “Mary Lyon’s educator assistance grants give life to projects and activities that teachers are excited about,” Alyssa said. With the grant, Alyssa has purchased three sets of noise-canceling headphones for students to access music, ambient noise, and guided meditations as a calming and self-regulation strategy. Additionally, she purchased items…

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2022-23 DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Team

The Mary Lyon Foundation is partnering with Americorps to create positive youth development opportunities in schools and local agencies throughout Western Massachusetts. For 10 months, the DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps team members will build relationships with young people and support them in developing skills, connections, and confidence in themselves as learners. They experience personal and professional growth through on-site service, workshops, and team service project activities. Apply now to be a part of Americorps!

Infancy to Adulthood

We Support You From big Picture The Mary Lyon Foundation Supports the West County Community from Infancy to Adulthood! We’d love to welcome your new bundle of joy to the world and ensure they have the resources needed to learn, succeed and thrive. Take a minute to complete our Newborn Care Package form and we’ll send you a package filled with essentials such as children’s books, a onesie, and diapers for your growing family. Newborn Care Package Form

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We promote student success by mobilizing community investment in services and programs that create positive educational outcomes.

warm winter jackets
bags of groceries
backpacks with school supplies
educational mini-grants and special projects