Innovative Support of Local Education

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NOTE: Please support the Mary Lyon Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund! Learn more about the fund and how you can help support local families and teachers here. Local families in need of food during the COVID-19 crisis, find information here.  

Read a Greenfield Recorder article about the Covid-19 Relief Fund here.

The Mary Lyon Foundation provides innovative support of local education in nine rural Western Massachusetts towns. What does “innovative support of local education” look like?  It might look like . . . 

IMG_0044_ cropped

. . . middle-school students experimenting with solar-powered pumps; a mosaic and ceramic fountain designed and made by students to welcome visitors to their elementary school; 1st graders feeding a worm composter; students in a supported learning program building a garden shed; and 3rd and 4th graders making winter forts, checking their field guides, and making woodland observations during their weekly Forest Friday excursion . . . all are projects supported by Mary Lyon Foundation Mini-Grants and led by creative and resourceful staff in our area schools.

Student Assistance
At home, we might see parents coping with the loss of employment able to purchase winter boots for their child; a family struggling with high fuel bills grateful for “Supper for Six” during February vacation; and a child donning much-needed eyeglasses before school starts in the fall . . . all are efforts supported by our Student Assistance programs, based on the understanding that children cannot learn if they are cold or hungry or cannot see the “blackboard.”

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Banner image description: Solar Fountain Project, led by Drue Johnson at Mohawk Trail Regional School, funded by a Mary Lyon Foundation Mini-Grant.