Sister Village Partnership:
Established between Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts and Mutianyu, China, this unique international partnership strengthens the bonds between our two similar rural communities. Julie Upton Wang, formerly of Shelburne Falls, now of Mutianyu and Beijing, originally proposed the concept of sister villages. The Mary Lyon Foundation organized an official trip to our sister village; delegates were Senator Stanley Rosenberg, Dena Willmore, Lynn Dole, John Payne, Margaret Payne, Ginny Ray, Paul Cheng, Ann Hamilton and Susan Samoriski. The foundation has also been instrumental in hosting two separate official visits from China.

West County Classroom:
Educational classes for the local community are occasionally available. Examples of classes taught in the past include watercolor painting, time management, German and Chinese languages, financial planning, stenciling, creative writing and bookmaking.

Catamount Hill Association:
In May of 1812 an American flag was first flown over a schoolhouse on Catamount Hill in Colrain. The historic site where this took place was given to the Mary Lyon Foundation by Tom Davenport, a descendant from the original Catamount settlers. The Foundation partners with the Catamount Hill Association to  preserve the site where a monument and flagpole now stand.