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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Amanda Lane is On Her Way

Amanda Lane has never been easily discouraged or defeated. That’s why she founded the company Team Fit Vision Forward and serves as their CEO while caring for her two young boys as a stay-at-home mom. In 2015, Amanda uprooted her family, hoping to start over in a place that provided a strong community spirit and prioritizes service and support. She chose Shelburne Falls, and just as she wished, she was immediately welcomed into the community and quickly received the resources needed to feel cared for and supported. 

When the pandemic began, Amanda realized she needed extra support to help her through the unprecedented changes caused by COVID and her son’s school connected her to the Mary Lyon Foundation.

Taking the Pressure Off  

“Helping me as a mother takes some of the pressure off raising my boys in an uncertain world. Knowing that no matter what, I will be able to feed them and make events such as holidays and back to school less stressful,” Amanda said. She expressed her gratitude for the Foundation’s assistance in providing resources and emotional support to her family. Amanda recalled that the help of the Mary Lyon Foundation’s Executive Director, Kristen Tillona-Baker, was invaluable, especially because Kristen understands the struggles, ebbs, and flows that often come when raising children. 

While she was hesitant to express her need for assistance, Amanda said the Foundation had become like family, and she now understands that it truly takes a village to raise children. She expressed gratitude and said, “The Mary Lyon Foundation is there for us. I have gotten to know some amazing women who never make me feel less or like I deserve less because I receive services they offer.”

Bearing Witness to Generosity  

With the support offered to her family, she feels confident that her children will benefit from bearing witness to the Foundation’s generosity. She described the impact the community’s support has had, explaining, “The fact my boys get to witness the generosity of other humans opens up the conversation to how can we make an impact on our community?” 

The Foundation hasn’t just provided resources for Amanda and family – they’ve also inspired Amanda to give back to the community. She enthusiastically stated, “I am inspired to work hard to give back. I’m on my way.”