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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Board Member John Cornman Lives By Example

John Cornman firmly believes in the Mary Lyon Foundation’s mission of helping local families in need. That’s why he joined their Board of Trustees three years ago when he was recruited by the current Vice Chair, Peter Stevens. John was especially eager to get involved because of his family’s past dedication to the Foundation, and he’s always sustained a strong desire to continue their legacy. 

While his family’s involvement initially drew him to the Foundation, John found a purposeful place among his peers and deeply enjoys serving on the Board. He especially appreciates the shared camaraderie and positive impact the Foundation has on both local students and the community, and even his own grandchildren have benefitted from the Foundation’s educational programs at the Mohawk Trail Regional School District.

He passionately expressed, “The support provided by the Foundation benefits the people living within the area, either directly or indirectly, by uplifting the youth in our community. They are our future.”

John lives by example, and in addition to serving on the Board, he delivers food from the Ashfield Food Pantry to families in need. He’s also taken his passion for reading and found an additional way to support the community by serving as a Trustee for the Arms-Library in Shelburne Falls.

When he’s not serving the community, he enjoys playing golf, walking around his town of Shelburne Falls, rooting for all New England sports teams, listening to music, reading a good mystery novel, and spending quality time with those he’s closest to. While he enjoys many artists and songs, he explained he will always have a fond spot for any rendition of Imagine by John Lennon. If he’s not exploring every nook and cranny of Shelburne Falls, you can find him enjoying the Maine coast and the Colorado mountains. If you see him with some downtime, you may find him watching The English Patient, though he remains adamant that it’s nearly impossible to pick just one film as his favorite.

The Mary Lyon Foundation is unique because Trustees like John believe in our mission and actively live it. Thank you to John and all our Trustees who choose to dedicate their time to serving others and helping the community!