Literacy Program

The Mary Lyon Foundation’s Literacy Program aims to bridge the reading readiness gap between our students who have regular access to books
and those who don’t.

Our goal for the Literacy Program is to motivate home reading and help facilitate better academic performance long term by giving every child in the Mohawk Trail school district access to age-appropriate, high-interest books in their homes.

We have partnered with the Mohawk Trail Regional School System to provide books to families. If you know of a family who could use some books, please have them fill out this form.

Our Literacy Program objectives:

  • Provide books quarterly to all Pre-K children in the area whose families indicate they could use assistance providing books to their Pre-K children.
  • Provide age-appropriate, personalized book selections to all of the children whose families currently are receiving food security assistance from the Mary Lyon Foundation.
  • Work with school administrators, teachers, and student families to identify emergent readers (grades K-3) who would most benefit from receiving books that match their personal interests and reading levels. Provide these students with gifted books before the winter holidays and summer vacation to motivate reading when school is not in session.
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Questions? For more information, call the office at 413-625-2555, email us at

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