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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Friends of the Foundation: Tom Miner, Local Optometrist & Co-Owner of Foxtown Diner

Meet Tom Miner, one of the Mary Lyon Foundation’s community partners!

Tom owns the Foxtown Diner and serves as Shelburne’s resident optometrist through his local practice, The Optician. He first became involved with the Mary Lyon Foundation while it was under the direction of former Executive Director, Susan Samoriski.

Through Sue, Tom discovered the essential need for low-cost vision services within the communities of Western Franklin County. “There are a lot of kids in need that don’t have insurance coverage. Kids need to see, and can’t learn without their vision, and we do whatever we can to make that happen,” he passionately stated.

Tom’s involvement with the Foundation continues as he helps to provide inexpensive eyewear frames for children and free optometry appointments when needed. He said helping children in need is a top priority for him and the Foundation.

“The Mary Lyon Foundation has done a great job supporting the community by forming key partnerships, but it’s still vital for others to get involved,” said Tom. He continued, “With turmoil and conflict taking place worldwide, there is an immense need to invest in our communities. Our children are our future, and we need to do what we can to make them a successful part of society by teaching them about community and showcasing that change does take a village. No single person can do it alone.”