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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Alyssa Collins is Supporting Student Success

Alyssa Collins works hard to give her students the tools and opportunities to thrive. As an MTRS-supported classroom teacher, Alyssa received the Mary Lyon Foundation’s educator assistance grant in October. Now, she can offer more social-emotional support programs and self-regulation tools to help students manage difficult emotions. 

Going Above and Beyond 

Mary Lyon’s educator assistance grants give life to projects and activities that teachers are excited about,” Alyssa said. With the grant, Alyssa has purchased three sets of noise-canceling headphones for students to access music, ambient noise, and guided meditations as a calming and self-regulation strategy. Additionally, she purchased items for the exercise room and chalkboard paint. These will allow students to build healthy habits of self-regulation through physical activity and artistic expression. 

Alyssa said the Mary Lyon Foundation has helped enrich her classroom while opening new growth opportunities, saying, “Mary Lyon provides tools for teachers to implement activities they may not have taken advantage of in the past due to the rising costs.” 

Offering Continued Support 

This is not the first time Alyssa has worked with the Mary Lyon Foundation to help students thrive. Alyssa applied for and received educator assistance grants for a Buddy Bench for Hawlemont School and literacy curriculum supplies. Additionally, the Mary Lyon Foundation supported a project within the MTSC program by purchasing grow lights for their garden area.  

Alyssa is immensely grateful for the Mary Lyon Foundation’s support and will continue seeking opportunities to better her classroom and the lives of her students.