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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Board Member Traci Bauer Ayer Honors Family By Getting Involved

When Traci Bauer Ayer’s family became involved with the Mary Lyon Foundation in 2008, the mission to promote student success really resonated with her. Traci’s family began the Gertrude Streeter Fund in honor of her late great aunt Gert and her commitment to education as a schoolteacher in the district for nearly 40 years.

In partnership with the Mary Lyon Foundation, Traci’s family also created an award to celebrate students and a love of reading. “It’s been so moving to see the Foundation’s dedication to supporting the Mohawk Trail Regional School library through the development of the Gertrude Streeter Good Library Citizen award. My aunt would be thrilled to know the school library is still a place where students can read, meet, and have fun,” she said.

A little over a year ago, Traci joined the Mary Lyon Foundation’s Board of Trustees, where she furthered her support and advocacy efforts. She expressed, “As the work and impact of the Foundation have grown over the years, I was keen to get involved and help in any way that I could.”

Traci’s involvement with the Foundation helps local children receive the tools needed to access better education, assisting students to become ‘avid readers’—just like her beloved great aunt. Traci believes that access to quality education plays a key role in improving people’s lives. “While my career path did not lead into the classroom as a teacher, I love volunteering to support kids and teachers,” said Traci.

When she’s not inspiring the community with her volunteerism, Traci can be found walking her dog, spending time with her 14-year-old daughter, or conspiring to play comedic practical jokes with her husband. She enjoys summer vacations where her father resides in Pine Point, ME.

The Mary Lyon Foundation is honored to have a lasting impact on people like Traci, making them proud to help local students and families in need. We thank Traci and all our board Trustees, who add immeasurable value to our community by serving others!