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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Board Spotlight: Meet Karen Fairbrother!

Karen has been an integral part of the Mary Lyon Foundation for over a decade. In addition to serving as a general Board member, she has guided the Foundation as both board treasurer and assistant treasurer.

A woman of many talents and of great intelligence, Karen held various roles throughout her career, both before and during her time with Mary Lyon. As a banking professional, she spent 25 years working for Greenfield Savings Bank before retiring in 2017.

Karen is deeply connected to Western Franklin County, where she and her family have experienced the beauty and joy of the region firsthand as alumni of the Mohawk Trail Regional High School. She has shown that she is committed to the region’s continued growth, improvement, and success by consistently volunteering across several boards and committees.

Her desire to re-engage with students and educators while expanding her service into the local education field led her to join the Foundation board 12 years ago.

Karen feels that no other school district has a support system as vibrant and helpful as the Mary Lyon Foundation: “The Foundation provides students with the tools they need to learn and go out into the world and be successful. I hope they will remember what happened to them so that when they leave school, they will give back to the Foundation. The Foundation provides educators with the resources they need to educate students in the best way possible.”