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Mary Lyon Foundation Updates

Emily Willis, Friends of the Foundation Spotlight

Emily Willis, former Mary Lyon Foundation board member and devoted librarian, is steadfastly committed to fostering student success. Through her involvement with the Mary Lyon Foundation, Emily ensures the Mohawk Trail Regional School District (MTRS) literacy and library programs are successful. She’s passionate about the benefits of the library, and she was eager to partner with the Mary Lyon Foundation for partnership and assistance in providing educational resources to boost student achievement.  

Emily describes the Mary Lyon Foundation as a crucial partner. She initially became involved in the Foundation’s Gertrude Streeter Fund, and her journey continued when she received mini grants to support her book club for students. ”I was excited to hear of the support for our innovative teachers and staff in developing programs that require resources beyond what is available in the school budget,” she said.  

Emily has witnessed the profound effect of the Mary Lyon Foundation’s programs on local students. She has participated in many Foundation-led initiatives, and one of her fondest memories is the graphic novel book giveaway during a Celebration of Learning event. “It’s so fun to see the excitement on the faces of the students as they’re choosing a book to keep,” says Emily.  

MTRS and the Mary Lyon Foundation have been paramount in providing school libraries with the support they need through money collections for book clubs, space renovations, development funding, and more. “The Foundation makes essential, enriching programming possible for our students and schools,” Emily said with a smile. We thank Emily for serving our community and leaving an indelible mark on MTRS students that will help them thrive for years to come.