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The Lyon Roars

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Board Spotlight: Meet Karen Fairbrother!

Karen has been an integral part of the Mary Lyon Foundation for over a decade. In addition to serving as a general Board member, she has guided the Foundation as both board treasurer and assistant treasurer. A woman of many talents and of great intelligence, Karen held various roles throughout her career, both before and…

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Affiliate interview: Alia Woofenden

Friends of the Foundation: Alia Woofenden | Alia Woofenden is a versatile leader who is deeply invested in the growth and prosperity of local students. As the Liaison for Community Engagement and Enrichment Programs for the Mohawk Trail Regional School District, she organizes and executes programs for students such as vacation camp during the February and April school breaks, a district enrichment program for students in grades three to six, the Summer Explorers Program and Camp…

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Mary Lyon Foundation & Greenfield Savings Bank Helping Provide Holiday Gifts

While most people feel excitement and eagerness for the holidays to return each year, families who struggle financially may not have the resources to purchase gifts for their loved ones. As yet another example of the Mary Lyon Foundation’s vision to help students learn, succeed, and inevitably thrive, this past November, we partnered with Greenfield…

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